Colombo security conclave

The Colombo security conclave (CSC) is a reginal security grouping. It was initially formed in 2011 as a trilateral Indian Ocean maritime security grouping of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. It was revived again in 2021, the CSC has since expanded both its membership as well as scope.

      Changing dynamics:

   The CSC come to standstill after 2014 due to rise in tension between India and Maldives. In 2020 India not only pushed for the revival but also expressed interest in expanding the CSC to Mauritius, the Seychelles and Bangladesh. The rush for CSC demonstrates Indian evolving strategic vision for Indian Ocean.

Since independence India has played an increasing role in promoting security in India Ocean.

The lack of capacity of Island nations to secure the seas and counter transitional threat has continued to motivate India to assist them in defence and security related capacity building infrastructure development.

India has also played a vital role as the first response in the region to offer humanitarianism and economic assistance during Covid 19 and multifaceted crisis.

A revival that is linked to China:

China is another crucial reason for the revival of CSC. Since the early 2000, China has invested substantially in the India Ocean region to control the crucial sea lines of communication and trade to limit Indian influence.

Today China is not only strengthening its Naval capabilities but also maintains strong defence relationship with states in Indian ocean region and also conduct regular maritime exercises in the region.

It has established a base in Djibouti and control Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port. It continues to use scientific ships to map the Indian Ocean bed.

Therefore, the CSC has focused on five pillars, maritime security and safety, countering terrorism and radicalisation, trafficking and traditional crime, cyber security and protecting critical infrastructure and humanitarian assistance. Since 2021 the CSC has investigated terrorism and terror funding, cybercrime and security, marine pollution. Inn 2022 for the first time the organisation held a conference on oceanography and hydrographers on coastal security.


Influence of politics. The Maldives absence from the meeting is an example of its vulnerability because it prefers clear relationship with China

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