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HPSC  (Haryana Public Service Commission) is the body that conducts the Haryana Civil Service (HCS) examination to choose the candidates for various government posts within the State. HCS test is a method to select officials to the state government and is in the second position to IAS employees employed by the State. This is the most highly-regarded test provided to applicants for the Haryana Public Service Commission and as in the case of those native to Haryana. HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission) regularly alters the method the Exam is conducted to make sure that they have efficient tools to remove the information relevant to the requirements of the work. The most important thing is to make sure that the belts are running at the right speed to allow them to pass the cut-offs specified by HPSC.

What precisely do you mean by HCS Exam?

The HCS employees are candidates selected to be selected by HPSC. Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) through the Haryana Civil Services Exam. HPSC conducts this HCS Exam by the vacant posts for various Group 1 and 2 posts such as DSP, SDM, and others. This Haryana PCS Exam is open to all candidates who meet the criteria for positions such as:

  • Haryana Civil Services (Executive Branch)HCS (Ex. Br. )
  • The Director of Police (DSP)
  • Excise & Taxation Officer (ETO)
  • District Food & Supplies Controller (DFSC)
  • Assistant Registrar Cooperative Society (ARCS)
  • Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer (AETO)
  • Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO)
  • District Food & Supplies Officer (DFSO)
  • Assistant Employment Officer (AEO)
  • Tehsildar (Class A)
  • Traffic Manager

The HCS Exam is conducted in three steps. The first is the prelims exam, which can be described as an objective exam designed to assess candidates before taking the HCS Main Exam. In the past, HPSC announced negative marking for the Prelims Exam due to negative marking. Prelims Exam and makes CSAT Exam CSAT examination a qualifying exam because it is a qualifying one. Shortly  HCS Exam will follow the same format. HCS Exam will follow the same format as will be similar to the UPSC CSE Exam. Candidates who pass an exam similar to those who gave the HCS Mains Exam are called for the final phase of interviews.

Eligibility to take the HCS Exam

  • Master’s or equivalent degree from an accredited institution or equivalent qualification to be qualified for HCS
  • The person taking the test must be at or near 21 and must not be older than 35 years old to take the HCS test. However, age relaxations are offered in various classes. For more details on the requirements for eligibility, visit hpsc.gov.in.
  • The maximum amount of attempts for general candidates is three. However, candidates in the category of veterans get three more shots.
  • The only candidates who have scored 45 percent or more in all subjects can be considered to be interviewed.

Steps to be followed for an HCS application form

  • Visit the official HPSC site or click on the direct link given.
  • Visit this link to “Click here to Apply Online to the Posts of HCS (Ex. Br. ) in addition to Allied Services Examination.”
  • The new page will open when you click on the position you’d like to submit your application for.
  • Click “Apply here to make an application for the HCS (Ex.Br. ) Examination.”
  • Click “New Registration.”
  • Fill in the necessary information on the application form for Haryana Civil Service (Executive Branch) and Other Allied Services Examination.
    • Nom of person who is applying
    • Day of Birth
    • Gender
    • Mobile Number
    • Email Address
    • Captcha
  • Click the “Submit” button to submit your registration.
  • Registered Users Click “Already registered” to access the Application Form using an ID User and password, which was sent to the user’s email address or mobile.
  • Click the “Go to Application Form’ button and ensure that you carefully read the instructions.
  • Please send us your personal information along with a scan of your photo.
  • The application fee has to be paid.
  • Copy the Application Form that is completed, then fill out your application.
  • Fill out and submit the photocopied scan of the form that you signed.

HCS Exam Instructions 

The Personality Test is the final qualifying test with a weightage of 75 points. There isn’t an exact curriculum for the test, but applicants must adhere to specific guidelines.

  • Candidates must appear for the test in a clean and neatly dress.
  • Create fake IAS interviews to prepare for the interview.
  • Candidates must dress comfortably and feel comfortable in the process of the interview.
  • Find previously asked questions to understand the type of questions you can anticipate.

HCS Exam Details

Prelims – The first stage is known as the prelims stage consisting of two essays with a score of 100 each. Only questions of a factual nature are asked. The first paper is a broad study which, apart from covering the civil aspect of the country, covers subjects like History Geography, Economy, Polity Sciences, etc. There is an interesting case of Current Affairs for HCS. In addition to this, the state-specific questions are usually Haryana GK for HCS is also available. The test is not negatively marked. The second test is an elective subject, and students can choose from various topics. In the initial Exam, students must concentrate on speed and accuracy.

Mains –  After having completed the primary stage, students can now be eligible to sit for the mains examination. The preliminary test comprises two papers: a General Studies paper and two choices that you must pick out of the options table provided to the commission. It is possible to select a particular range of choices that are prohibited. Additionally, there are mandatory Hindi and obligatory English tests. Essays are an essential component of the Exam. The essays are subjective, so it is crucial to focus on the capacity to respond to students. In the preliminary test, the focus should be on a deep knowledge of the subject and capability.

Interviews – The next step is to take the test. Questions based on viva-voce are posted by experts on the panel chosen by the candidate. It is an assessment of the personality of the applicant.

How do I prepare myself for HCS Exam 2022? HCS Exam 2022?

The procedure of preparing to take the HCS examination requires total commitment. Study the syllabus thoroughly and the exam questions from previous exams to better understand the Exam’s structure and the most current patterns in the questions. Then, test yourself on multiple mock exams to review and practice. Resources to help you prepare are listed below:

  • HCS Test Series
  • HCS Study Material
  • Haryana Current Affairs

HPSC 2022 Tips for Preparation

It is vital to know the best method to prepare for each section of the HCS exam. HCS exam to be able to pass with the highest mark. The suggestions for each Exam are listed below for those who are preparing.

HCS Prelims General Studies Preparation Tips

  • Candidates must regularly read up-to-date magazines and newspapers to keep abreast of the latest news. This can help candidates prepare for Current Affairs. It is also suggested to note important events to revisit and update when needed.
  • NCERT has been regarded as the most popular textbook in Geography as they offer adequate knowledge. Candidates may use Google and Wikipedia to record information on subjects that are difficult to grasp.
  • The Struggle for Independence of India, Constitution of India, and Indian Economy are good books to read for studying Indian History and Indian Economy and sections on politics.
  • Wikipedia is an excellent source of information regarding General Science. It is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments within science and culture. It is essential to check regularly the news to be aware of any developments in science.

HCS Prelims CSAT Preparation Tips

  • Have a look at the complete guide to CSAT, which covers each section. This manual will be helpful if you have to make changes at the last minute.
  • Candidates should focus on areas they are competent in, which will cut down on the time and energy candidates expend on their exam preparation.
  • A half-hour of practice can be enough for any person. Make sure that you reserve the remainder to study additional topics and subjects during the day.
  • Every week, you will need to solve an assignment to understand better the pattern and the time required to complete the project.
  • Review preliminary questions to determine the weightage given to different sections.

 Mains Preparation Tips for HCS

  • A significant element that is crucial for Mains is the subject selections. Candidates should choose subjects they are competent in as scores of 300 will be determined on these two tests.
  • Candidates must follow the same study routine and include reading newspapers in their habits. Newspapers can assist with General Studies in Prelims as well as Mains.
  • Students must write a brief essay in English and Hindi every week. The subjects could be based on recent news or previous research papers.
  • A weekly exam is essential for tracking the progress of preparation and the time needed for the test.
  • Keep NCERT in mind and India’s struggle in a bid to Win Independence from Bipan Chandra for the History and Geography sections of the General Studies paper.
  • A regular writing schedule is crucial to improve efficiency and speed while writing for tests.
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