India and Africa Partnership

India and Africa with their historical and cultural ties share a deep and multidimensional relationship. The importance of the friendship with Africa is interwind with India’s global aspirations.

The relationship is marked by mutual respect, equality and the mutual benefit guided by Indian philosophy of “ vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” the world is one family.


Trade and Economic growth: the bilateral trade between India and Africa has been on the rise reaching almost $100 billion in financial year 2022- 23, with an ambitious goal of doubling to $200 billion by 2030.

Africa with its rich resources and youthful population presents a significant market for Indian products and investment opportunities.

Strategic importance: India and Africa share a common vision on various global issues and they jointly advocate for the interest of global south. Together they can influence global norms and decisions especially in multilateral forums.

Technology and skill transfer: with India’s growth in technology and digital public infrastructure there is immense scope for transfer of the technology to Africa and improving their economic capacities.

Cultural and historical ties: the relationship is reinforced by strong cultural and historical ties dating back to the era of Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.


Logistical issues: geographical distance and inadequate connectivity poses challenge to deepening economic engagements. Further cooperation in logistics like roadways, railways and ports needed to be expand.

Competition with other nations: there is increasing scramble for Africa by many global powers countries like China have made significant inroads into Africa providing stiff competition.

Economic limitations: while India has been providing economic assistance to many African nations its commitment is often constrained by its own economic limitations.

Opportunities for deepening relations:  1 renewable energy cooperation, in this field both have immense potential.

  1. healthcare and pharma sector, India is known as pharmacy of the world can play significant role in this direction.

3 free trade agreement and comprehensive economic partnership agreement.

In a rapidly globalising world Indian partnership with Africa is vital for its global aspirations. The immense opportunities that lie ahead in areas like renewable energy, digital technology, healthcare and trade can pose the way for even deeper and more fruitful partnership.

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