Fleet electrification

The air quality index (AQI) in many cities has entered to red zone, several people face health hazards due to reoccurring increase in air pollution.

As per a study pertaining to Delhi, the significant contributor to urban smog is pm 2.5 and pm which is caused by the transport sector and construction activities.


          Increase in truck fleets:

  1. About 9 lakh trucks are added t.o Indian roads every year to already running fleet of 70 lakhs trucks
  2. India carries over 2 trillion tonnes Km of freight on trucks annually.
  3. These trucks consume over one fourth of Indian oil import and contribute to over 90% of road transport carbon dioxide emission.
  4. If all these new trucks are powered by diesel fired internal combustion engine vehicles, then our cities will face a greater onslaught of Pm 2,5 pollution.

Electric trucks remain a challenge due to high cost and charging infrastructure constraints.

             Need of the hour:

In the era of urgency where every breath counts developing solution is paramount. The recent demand for 7750 e-trucks in India by 2030 materialise, will result I saving over billion litres of diesel till 2050.

Public funding alone cannot meet the large-scale requirement, private sector has also to play important role.

However, mild range e trucks in India is around 1.5 crore compared to about 40 lakhs for diesel trucks and cost of charging logistics remain major hurdle in transition to e trucks in the country.

Therefore innovation, financial instruments, incentivisation of charging infrastructure, facilitation of entrepreneurial efforts and conducive regulatory environment in the country can bring much needed breakthrough for trucks electrification in India.



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