India’s Rise as a Global Power

India has been rising as a global power for several decades and its influence is only likely to grow in the years to come.

Factors contributing to the India’s growth:

  1. Economic growth: India has projected to become the third largest economy of the world by 2030. This economic dynamism has generated global interest, promoting investment and technological influx for example as per world bank data, India’s GDP growth rate hit a peak of 8.17 % in 2016-2017.

Challenges: Despite the impressive GDP figures income inequalities remains a significant concern. The Oxfam report highlighted that richest 1% hold over 40% of country’s wealth.

  1. Strategic Partnership: Through various bilateral and multilateral agreements India has fortified its global position.

For example, participation in BRICS, SCO, and Quad strengthen its global position.

Challenge: Aligning with global powers necessitates a delicate diplomatic balance for instance India’s growing closeness with US has often been seen with skepticism by traditional ally Russia.

  1. Defense and Technological Power: With mission like Mars orbit and Chandrayaan, India has stamped its technological power for example India is one of the few countries with indigenous ballistic missile defense programme.

Challenge: Defense modernization and R and D in space and technology demand investment which sometime diverts funds from pressing domestic needs.

  1. Cultural and Soft Power Diplomacy: The global appeal of Bollywood, Yoga and Indian diaspora contributes to India’s soft power.

Challenge: cultural diplomacy sometime faces backlash at home, with debates around cultural preservation vs westernization.

India’s journey to global prominence is laden with opportunities and challenges. Balancing its role as a global actor while addressing its domestic imperatives is vital. With adept diplomacy, strategic vision, and inclusive growth model India can truly manifest its potential as a leading global power while ensuring domestic prosperity.


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