India’s G20 presidency

Assuming G20 chair India sought to offer world an alternative to status quo a shift from GDP centric to human centric progress. India aimed to remined the world of what unites us rather what divides us.

  India’s approach:

Towards inclusivity: inclusive, ambitious, action oriented and decisivethese four words define our approach as G20 president.

Inclusivity has been at the heart of our presidency. The inclusion of African Union (AU) as a permanent member of G20, integrated 55 African Nations into the forum expanding it to encompass 80% of global population.

India mainstreamed the Global South’s concern in international discourse and has ushered in a era where developing countries take their right place in shaping the global narrative.

Inclusivity also infused India’s domestic approach to the G20 making it a people’s presidency that benefits world’s largest democracy. Through Jan Bhagidari (people’s participation) the G20 reached 1.46 billion citizens, involving all states and UTs as partners.

Through G20 we successfully Completed the digital public infrastructure repository, a significant stride in global technological collaboration.,

For “one earth” India introduced ambitious aim to create urgent lasting and equitable change.

The declaration “Green development Pact” addresses the challenges of choosing between combating hunger and protecting the planet.

The G20 declaration call for an ambitious tripling of global renewable energy capacity by 2030 coupled with the establishment of the Global Biofuels Alliance and push for Green Hydrogen.

India is taking a leading role in UN reforms especially in the restructuring of principal organs like UN security Council.

Gender equality took the centre stage in the declaration. India’s women reservation act 2023, reserves 1/3rd of India’s parliament and state legislative assembly seats for women. It shows our commitment to women led development.

During India’s presidency, India led deliberations on global issues and their impact on economic growth with policy of zero tolerance India embody humanitarianism over hostility and reiterate that this is not an era of war.




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