India and Africa relations

Challenges faced:

1.Africa, in general and the Sahel region in particular are passing through several challenges such as misgovernance, unplanned development, the dominance of ruling tribe and corruption.

2.Recently new disruptors such as Islamic terror, inter-tribal scrimmage, changing climate, runaway food inflation, urbanization and youth unemployment have further strained the traditional socio-political fabric.

  1. Military interventions by France, the US and Russia’s Wagner groups to curb the militancy.
  2. Eroding international support:

Africa’s problems are further compounded by an erosion in international support base. China has been Africa’s largest trading partner and investor, but a slowing economy and trade have reduced its appetite for Africa’s commodities.

China’s one belt one road initiative has raised the debt of some African countries to unsustainable levels, in turn causing them to cede control of some of their assets to China.

France, the UK, and other colonial powers as well USA have continued to exploit minerals wealth in Africa.

India’s robust ties:

India’s ties with Africa are deep, diverse, and harmonious that ranges from Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha against apartheid to UN peacekeeping role.

India Africa trade reached $ 90 billion in 2022-2023. India’s investment and other socio-economic engagements with Africa remain robust especially in sector such as education, healthy, telecom, IT and agriculture.

India was fifth largest investor in Africa and has extended over $11.37 billion in concessional loans.

India has completed 197 projects and has provided 42000 scholarships since 2015.

Approximately 3 million people of Indian origin live in Africa. They are largest non- native ethnicity.

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