There are various myths associated with IAS preparation. Some believe that it is an exam of knowledge and intelligence alone. They even believe that if they want to aspire for civil services then it is essential that they should posses professional qualification such as engineering and medicine. While others believe that it is an exam of share hard work and they even have to sacrifice their social life.
Spectrum IAS is providing some of the tips which will be helpful for the candidate to clear the exam.

Most important aspect of IAS preparation is to know

1 what to study
2 how to study

It is essential to know that which source of knowledge is important and to what extent we have to study a particular topic. Same time it also imperative to understand that we all follow the standard books but we all score differently. Some get more marks while some do not score well. It is mainly because we all develop different understanding. So better the way of studying better is the understanding and better we will score.

Some more tips

Planning; Before you start studying it is essential that a plan should be there in your mind that which topic you are going to study and from which source. Remember that there should be only one standard book you should follow, all other books should be used as a refence book. It is always better to read one book again and again rather than studying different books.

As far as possible strict with your plan and make all efforts to achieve the goal which you have set in advance.

Set short targets; Do not set lengthy targets, short targets will help to understand and assimilate the concept easily and in better manner.

Regular breaks; Do not study for a long duration at a stretch. Take small breaks in between, as far as possible take nap of 10-15 minutes after every hour of study. All this will refresh you as a result you understand a particular topic in a better manner.

Also devote some time to your hobbies this will help you to rejuvenate.

Self-analysis; one should be clear of own strength and weakness. Accordingly work hard to overcome the weaknesses for example if someone is weak in particular subject like science or basic numeracy, he/she should leave no stone unturned. It will develop positive attitude and willingness to overcome the obstacles

Relax mind; your attitude should be governed by the philosophy of Bhagwat Geeta “Karma karo fal ki chinta mat karo”

This kind of attitude will remove all fears from your mind as a result whatever you will study you will be able to understand the concept with utmost clarity. It will make you more creative and innovative. It will enhance your self-confidence and you will attempt your paper with a positive mindset.

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