Changing trends in IAS preparation- shift from big classrooms to personal mentorship

In recent time UPSC has made tremendous changes in the question pattern of civil services examination, both in prelims as well as mains. It necessitated change in the strategy for preparation of civil services.

            These days to get material for preparation of civil services is not a big deal. it is freely available on offline as well as online platform, both free or paid.

            But the nature of questions in prelims and mains exams have changed over the period. Now questions are not based on the rote learning and cramming rather student will be able to attempt the questions only if he/she has analytical ability. If he/she has ability to read in-between the lines e.g.   Discuss the course of history if Marathas had won the third battle of Panipat. These sorts of questions are not directly from the books or notes but answer to such questions depends upon the critical thinking ability and understanding of the student.

             Therefore, classroom coaching where 100s of students are sitting, teaching all the student in same manner and teaching all the students at same level without knowing the level of understanding of each student, is no longer relevant.

            Thus, now there is  need of shift from big classroom coaching to personal mentorship. The personal mentor ensures holistic development of the student, he evaluates each student individually, identifies the potential of each student separately and frames strategy as per the requirement of the student whether student need to focus more on basic concepts and studies or just need to change the strategy.

            The personal mentor,

1 provides basic teachings.

2 clarifies the concepts so that the student can become creative.

3 teaches how to attempt and frame answers to the questions in prelims and mains exam respectively.

4 above all encourages critical thinking.

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